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Our Process

From Sketch to Reality

It means a lot to us that you took the time to think about us as your potential Architect. We are happy to review our process in detail with you at our office - just give us a call and we can set up a meeting.
We are proudly recognized as a multi-award winning Architecture firm for outstanding achievement in new design, sensitive renovations, and interior architecture. We specialize in shingle style coastal homes with clean, light filled, and airy interiors. We believe that through thoughtful and iterative study of proportions, massing and materials, our homes speak to a 'less is more' design intent. 
We want to create an atmosphere that enhances your quality of life, respects human kind, encourages people to engage in activities, and provides a safe and secure haven, all while being sensitive to the environment.
We believe that designing your home should be fun and we love being part of the process from the very beginning of design right up until that final coat of paint goes on the wall! Below is a summary of our process.


We start by listening to your aspirations for your new home. We review any site restrictions and discuss your budget and the overall scope of the project. We provide you with our Program Book, which is a collection of questions that helps us get to know you and your family better.           


We review your site plan and spend time with you on your property. We talk about the views you want to capture and find that special spot where you feel most comfortable on the site - this is where your home should be located. We also like to spend time alone on the property to really get a feel for what the land is telling us. We study the sun's path, topography, main approach and prevailing summer and winter winds.


Once we have studied the land, reviewed your completed Program Book and confirmed your budget, we have all the tools we need to start designing your home together. We start by presenting you with hand-rendered floor plans and exterior elevations so that you can start to see your home come to life. We talk about any comments you have and then start putting the design into the computer.


During this phase, we draw the schematic floor plans and exterior elevations in AutoCAD which allows us to get exact dimensions of room sizes. We study vertical circulation (stairs!), as well as window fenestration (grill patterns!) and the summer and winter sun trajectories to maximize the passive energy efficiency of the house (sunlight!). At the end of this phase, we show you the hardline drawings of the floor plans and all four elevations of your home.


After you have approved the Design Development drawings, we dive into the details of the house. This includes drawing cross sections and working with a structural engineer to size the structural members of the house. We also review the mechanical and electrical layout needed for your home. We dimension and note our exterior details like the soffits, rakes, roof pitches, column details, and brackets. We study the proportion and materiality of each of these details to ensure they are just right.


We pride ourselves on the completeness of our construction document sets, which are used by the general contractors to price your project. By thinking through each detail, inside and out, we know that things aren't left to chance and the price is complete. We have developed our own bid form that we require each contractor to fill out so that we can compare the prices apples to apples. This has proved invaluable to our clients and we are proud to be your advocate during this phase.proportion and materiality of each of these details to ensure they are just right.


We love this part! Being able to see our design become a reality is something we won't ever take for granted. We document the building progress for you and answer any questions the builder may have during construction. We also look forward to walking through the house with you when you are in town because one of our favorite parts is seeing your reaction to your new home taking shape!


Additional Planning

Some projects require additional planning and expertise, so we are pleased to offer the following services as well:

Historic Preservation and Renovations

We are very sensitive to existing buildings and their details. We have a strong relationship with the state historic board as well as many local historic preservation societies. For all renovations, we produce a full set of existing drawings so that the current conditions are documented.

Master Planning

We create a Master plan for your entire property so that the main residence, accessory buildings, and landscape features all relate to the land. We want outdoor spaces like a terraces or decks to connect with the inside rooms so that they feel larger and relate well to nature. We coordinate with Landscape Architects and designers to bring these ideas to reality for you.

Town Planning and Subdivision Design

We work along side town officials to design subdivisions that create a sense of pride and of place for the community.

Pre-Application Regulations and Zoning Approvals

We work with the site engineers on CRMC, DEM, and town/state regulatory boards to streamline the process and gain easier approvals for your project. We also are your advocate at zoning board meetings to relay our design solutions when seeking relief with zoning regulations.


"DiMauro Architects were a dream team! They were good listeners and great communicators. They answered every question that we had, responded to every request, and followed through with what needed to be accomplished... I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to have a personal, highly interactive relationship with their architect!"

- Portsmouth Client

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